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Welcome to Feinstein Gewehr Werke, LLC.

Q: It's really built out of Legos?

A: LEGO is a specific brick manufacturer. We use bricks without regard to who manufactured them, as long as they're compatible. The Feinstein Project has a good list of compatible brick manufactuers here. But the Mark 8 stock is really built, by you or your available child expert brick assembler, out of plastic bricks. And glue. And steel threaded rods.

Q: It doesn't glue to my rifle, does it?

A: Yes, and no. The Mark 8 stock glues to a mil-spec AR receiver extension, also known as a buffer tube. That buffer tube SCREWS into your rifle, and is easily removable with a simple wrench, or even locking pliers if you don't mind scratching the lock ring/castle nut. So, while the Mark 8 stock is permanently glued to your buffer tube, your buffer tube is easily removable. When your kid outgrows the Mark 8 stock, or you're no longer doing Entry Ops with your vest, you can easily remove the stock and install a new buffer tube.

Q: It won't really hold up to the recoil, will it?

A: Better than my shoulder. This video shows me firing the prototype Mark 8 mounted on my Remington 870 12 ga, firing 24 rounds of 3" 00 buck. That's a bit more recoil than your ordinary AR is going to generate.

Q: Is the Mark 8 stock collapsible?

A: No, it's a fixed "Entry Length" stock. Because it uses 2-part epoxy to glue the stock directly to the buffer tube, it is permanently fixed in the Entry Length stock position. It's perfect for a child, or when you need to run your rifle against your thick armored vest.

Q: This is a joke, right?

A: You can take it that way, but it's a very expensive joke if it is. The stock actually works, and small expert plastic brick assemblers (the ones that leave plastic bricks on the floor for you to step on) can actually assemble this. We caution that an adult should do the gluing, as hypersensitive American school districts are not equipped to deal with students who have rifle stocks glued to their arms. That, and if your fingers are glued together, you can't pick up your phone and dial us to complain.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Once you've glued it, you own it. If we've mistakenly left a piece out of your kit, we'll be happy to ship you the correct part. If you have a hoplophobe in the house who pitches a fit, we'll refund your money on the receipt of the unglued kit, but we reserve the right to make fun of the hoplophobe.

Q: We don't really like the color. There's a pink piece in the kit that was not in the photo.

A: Well... once it's done, you can paint it any color you like. We don't suggest oven-cured paints, as we don't want your new stock to melt. Or... feel free to substitute pieces. Doubtless you have plastic bricks in your house. If they're the same size and shape, by all means, swap them out. The instructions are in black and white because we buy the least expensive bricks of the correct shape, regardless of color. We pass those savings on to you.

Q: Will you give us credit if we send back all the pink pieces we replaced?

A: No. But we'll toss them into the inventory, and send them out with the next kit.

Q: Do you plan to develop an adult sized stock?

A: Yes. We hope to bring to market a thumbhole stock that will reinforce weak plastic AR lowers, and an upside down stock for California, Connecticut, and New York.

Q: When will those be available?

A: No telling. We'll post them up, with video and instructions when the kits are ready to ship.

Q: Why the German shtick?

A: It's a lot less work than the Jewish shtick. No blood, and we can still eat pork.

Q: Why Feinstein?

A: That's the joke.