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Thank you for selecting a Feinstein stock for your AR-stock compatible firearm. Please check that you have all the required items before beginning assembly. Not included in your kit are a mil-spec diameter AR carbine buffer tube (also called a receiver extension), super glue, two-part epoxy, a stirrer for the epoxy, and a small cup, such as a Dixie cup for the epoxy.

Please note that while this stock is intended for operation with standard AR-type firearms, the ubiquitous nature of AR stock adapters means this stock can be mounted on many different firearms. Feinstein Gewehr Werke, LLC, cannot test the multitude of variations of the AR platform, let alone all the different firearms AR stocks can mount to. We have only tested this design on two fireams, in very limited testing. We do not make any representation that this stock kit is suitable for use with firearms. It is your responsibility to actually manufacture an AR compatible stock from the kit provided, and it is your skill with assembly and gluing that will determine the suitability of your stock for any application.

On the home page, we have a video of our testing the Mk8 on a Remington 870 12 ga with 24 rounds of 3" magnum 00 buck.

We have also tested the Mk8 stock on a pieced-together AR purely as a function check.

If you are assembling this with a child, we recommend the following process:

1 the child, following this guide, assembles the stock, unglued.

2 the adult, carefully takes apart the stock, learning how it works and how it fits together.

3 the child builds the stock again.

4 - the adult again takes the stock part. Only now are you ready to glue.

5 with the child carefully putting the parts together, the adult does the gluing. You can reverse the personnel, but this may result in an unexpected Bring Your Child To Work Day. Remember, you're using superglue you can very easily glue your fingers together if you're not careful.

On to checking the plastic parts! The first picture shows you what you should have.


This is what you need to assemble the top part, which is the easier to start with: nothing

nothing nothing

nothing nothing

nothing nothing

nothing nothing

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